Top 15 Survey Sites to Make Money Online

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Can I really make money online with surveys? That’s a question many people ask. The simple answer is yes…but you have to sign up for the right survey sites. Here’s the article for you to find these top survey sites, sign up, and start to make money online.

Do you want to make money online? Try the best 15 survey sites to make money and earn gift cards. Find the survey sites that are legitimate and are scam free.

I decided to dive into the challenge to make money online through survey sites. I gave myself a challenge to make $500 in a month to make money online from various survey sites. I’m still early in my mission to make the $500, but I’m on my way!

I know what you’re thinking…there’s no way to make $500/month from survey sites! I’ve signed up for survey sites before to make money online but never got anywhere!

I had those same thoughts. I’ve signed up for 1 or 2 survey sites before, intending to make some extra money, but what actually happened was I’d sign up, take my first survey, get disqualified after filling out all this information, and get discouraged!

I’d see all these articles about making a full-time income online through survey sites and I never understood how…I still don’t! It takes so much of my free time to fill out these surveys, but I’m seeing a return! And this time, I’m better organized with the sites I have an account with, that I don’t forget about them after a few days of earning a couple dollars!

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You can make money online through survey sites too!

1. Read through this list of survey sites

2. Sign up for multiple sites 

3. Get earning!

**I’m 95% sure you won’t be making a full-time income with the survey sites, but your cash will add up over the months and you’ll end up with a nice amount of cash or gift cards. I have personally signed up for 14 of the 15 sites I have listed (Pinecone Research isn’t taking anybody from my demographic) and have started on my way to make money online.**

Top 15 Survey Sites to make money online:

1. Toluna

  • How do you earn: Complete various surveys and/or polls to earn points
  • Payout: Gift card payout begins at 30,000 points, Sweepstakes payout begins at 500 points, Gifties (virtual gifts that you have a chance to win a real gift) payout begins at 50 points
  • Additional information:
    • Provides an app so you can complete surveys on the go!
    • You earn points just for completing your profile so you can be well on your way to earning your first payout.
    • Gift cards are offered at numerous retailers including Amazon, Walmart, and Target or you can cash out to a PayPal account.

I personally love using Toluna. They make it easy to earn through the surveys and I especially love having the choice to complete surveys on my phone through their app.


2. Survey Savvy

  • How do you earn: Complete surveys on their site. They also have SavvyConnect which pays you $5/month per device (up to 3 devices…phone, tablet, computer) to download their program onto your device and surf the web like usual. The program sends data information back to them.
    • So to basically do absolutely nothing extra, SavvyConnect will pay you up to $180/year!
  • Payout: Request a payment when you want anywhere from $1 to the amount you have available in your account! They send you a check.
  • Additional information: 
    • Jump on the surveys early before they fill up with participants.
    • They have some high paying survey/panels to be a part of or lower paying, quick surveys

SurveySavvy has been great for me to make money online. They don’t offer a lot of surveys that you’ll qualify for at once, but they do offer some throughout the month.

They also offer a great referral program so you can make additional money by referring friends to the program!


3. Global Test Market

  • How do you earn: Complete surveys for one of the largest market research firms and earn lifepoints and sweepstakes entries. You earn sweepstakes entries each time you are disqualified from a survey so your effort is not for nothing!
  • Payout: Cash in your lifepoints (beginning at 500) for physical gift cards, electronic gift cards, PayPal, magazines, charities, or subscriptions for Pandora. Every quarter, they run their sweepstakes for certain dollar amounts paid in lifepoints that you can cash in.
  • Additional information: 
    • They offer an app so you can earn from your phone.
    • You at least get rewarded for being disqualified which isn’t common


4. Harris Poll Online

  • How do you earn: Complete various surveys to earn HIpoints. What I like about them is that you can click on the topic you would like to complete surveys in!
  • Payout: Earn HIpoints and cash them in for gift cards, sweepstakes, or various products. (Most products/gift cards begin at 500+ and go up from there)
  • Additional information:
    • They have an app available to complete surveys on your phone.
    • Gives you points even when you don’t qualify and/or entry into their sweepstakes
    • Make sure to allow their site to have popups, otherwise your surveys won’t popup that you try to get to!


5. Swagbucks

  • How do you earn: Let me count the ways! There are so many ways to earn through Swagbucks! Watch videos, play games, complete surveys, shop, search online…the list goes on! If you aren’t signed up with them yet, do it! Just like Ebates, it’s a site to sign up with and try to remember to use! The reward points will begin to add up quickly!
  • Payout: Minimum cash out is around 300 points and that is for a $3 gift card. There are many different rewards you can purchase with your points that you earn.
  • Additional information: 
    • You can set daily goals on their site and can earn additional points just for meeting your goal.
    • They make it the easiest to earn points to cash in for gift cards.
    • You even can qualify for a $5 bonus just for signing up.


6. Pinecone Research

  • How do you earn: Complete surveys and evaluate products before they hit the stores. Earn points that you can redeem for cash or prizes.
  • Payout: Minimum payout is $3 via check, direct deposit or Visa gift card
  • Additional information:
    • It is difficult to get into the program, but if you do get a chance to get in, they are a great company to complete surveys for.


7. Inboxdollars

  • How do you earn: InboxDollars is very similar to Swagbucks. You can earn money in so many ways throughout the internet. Watch ads, InboxDollars TV, complete surveys, click on emails, complete offers, play games, and various other ways.
  • Payout: You can’t cash out until you hit $30…but you get a $5 bonus just for confirming your email address so you’re well on your way.
  • Additional information: 
    • Do some surveys and keep an eye on the daily sweepstakes for cash. Some of the sweepstakes don’t have many entries so your chance of winning some extra cash is higher!


8. Product Report Card

  • How do you earn: This site allows you to take online surveys and register your household items that you have already. You take photos and input the model, manufacturer, and additional information about the product and have it on file. If they have a survey about a particular product that you already have registered, they’ll know to include you to participate. They give you $5, plus additional money to complete your profile (up to $3.25 for completing your profile)
  • Payout: At $25 you can request a payment via PayPal or a prepaid Visa Card
  • Addtional information: 
    • It takes time to input all your product information, but take your time and just do one at a time, rather than getting overwhelmed trying to register all your products at once!


9. Paid Viewpoint

  • How do you earn: Complete surveys like usual, but these surveys are shorter but pay less at first. As you take more surveys you increase your traitscore. The higher your traitscore, the more you can earn per survey.
  • Payout: Cash out at just $15! There are no points to earn, just straight money that you see in your account. They pay via PayPal
  • Additional information:
    • Work on building up your traitscore, it’ll help in the long run.
    • Refer some friends and earn extra money!


10. OneOpinion

  • How do you earn: Answer surveys about various topics. They payout in points that you can cash out for virtual gift cards or physical gift cards.
  • Payout: You can cash out when you get to 25,000 points ($25) so it does take awhile to get there.
  • Additional information:
    • Surveys range in point value payout, but you do get some points even if you get disqualified.
    • Before giving offered a survey to take, they have you answer a question or 2 to ensure quality control.


11. MintVine

  • How do you earn: Complete surveys and you’ll receive points that you can cash in to PayPal or get gift cards
  • Payout: You can cash in when your account hits 1000 points ($10)
  • Additional information:
    • You get 200 points ($2) just for signing up
    • You get points even if you are disqualified


12. Earning Station

  • How do you earn: Various ways to earn including surveys, games, videos, and shopping. They show the amount of cash earned rather than points.
  • Payout: Payout begins at $10 for gift cards to various retail stores and restaurants
  • Additional information:
    • It’s pretty easy to earn money towards gift cards. Even if you are disqualified, you earn a couple of cents.


13. IPoll

  • How do you earn: Earn by taking surveys and they provide occasional mystery shopping/product testing available.
  • Payment: Minimum cash out is $25 which you can get paid via PayPal, Amazon Gift card or Itunes Gift card
  • Additional information:
    • They offer an app for you to make money on the go.
    • You can get a free $5 sign up bonus


14. Tellwut

  • How do you earn: Members take online surveys to earn points. They also earn points for creating polls.
  • Payout: You need a 4000 point minimum ($10) to cash out for gift cards to various retail stores.
  • Additional information:
    • Receive up to 225 points just for signing up and completing your basic profile information.


15. Survey Junkie

  • How do you earn: Earn points by answering their surveys and cash in for money. They have surveys and panels available for users to take part in.
  • Payout: Cash out at 1000 points ($10)
  • Additional information: 
    • It’s a very easy website to use and navigate around to find the surveys and points you have earned.


Now let’s get started making you some money with these survey sites!

Sign up for multiple sites on the list and start earning money!

Set goals for yourself and keep your self accountable!

You could even have your spouse sign up with you and earn money also! (Some sites only allow 1 account per household, but some allow 1 per email)

Bookmark or pin this page if you don’t have time to complete the sign ups for each survey site!



Do you want to make money online? Try the best 15 survey sites to make money and earn gift cards. Find the survey sites that are legitimate and are scam free.