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      I love How full is your Bucket for kids! I’ve read the adult one also but one of my friends reads the kid one to all of her students every year so I had to get it for my son!

  1. I love this!! And I literally just finished a post about filling buckets.. Lovely coincidence. 🙂 I think the donation piece is great… Kids (at least mine) get so obsessed with GETTING new things. :/

    • simplelistssimplelife@gmail.com

      Agreed! My son gets so much…he’s learning about giving to feel good too! We worked on that when he was collecting Pennies for Patients! He wanted to fill his box but we told him we would match whatever he donated from his own coin bank…we wouldn’t fill it for him!

  2. I love the How Full is Your Bucket book! It really helped my preschool age daughter understand what it means to be kind to others. Especially her younger sister. Great post!

  3. I love the books you chose, especially, “How Full is your Bucket.” We read that book all the time. I also really enjoyed your kindness quotes from little kids. What a great addition to this post!

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