1. These are great suggestions for rainy days, days when you’re snowed in, whenever – and I like that when a child may be home sick, you can use modified versions of some of the more educational choices to keep them occupied when they aren’t busy resting. My kids always loved flash cards, sight word cards, matching games, etc – but we’ve never had a tunnel. I’m definitely going to have to look into getting one.

  2. Such great suggestions, where were you when I had toddlers???? LOL, but honestly, working out is the best option anytime for anyone, especially children.

  3. Elizabeth O.

    Awesome ideas for indoor obstacle courses! It’s perfect esecially for bad weather wherein the kids won’t be able to go out.

  4. This totally something my family and I would do. Dont tell anyone, but we still do stuff like this even though I have teens. Just modified to accommodate age and size.

  5. Flavio

    Well done. These are great ways of keeping their mind and body active. Very important to stimulate the kinds from a very young age.

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