1. Leah

    I love these! I was a little nervous at first, because I like to help my children when they need help, and I thought this was going to be against that. But I agree with letting them try first then helping them, as opposed to doing it for them. Also, I loved the rest of them! Those all seemed to be things that would end up hurting their self esteem. Things we do when we’re trying to have too much control and want things to be perfect. Thank you!

  2. I love this list! There are so many things that are tempting to just do because it is easier, but certainly not the way to teach my kids to be helpful, confident, and resilient adults someday. Thank you for this great article! And your quote at the beginning is my all time favorite. I tell it to parents from my classroom all the time!

  3. These are fantastic. With 4 little ones it seems like I am always running late and I SO just want to zip their coats for them and rush them out the door. I needed to read this tonight to remember why I shouldn’t!

    • Vanessa Sze

      I have the same problem trying to rush my 4-year-old. I always allow for 5 extra minutes just to get ready and into the car before we have to leave! I’m so glad you enjoyed the article!

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