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I created this resource page for you to easily see recommended products or resources to help you find great products for the family. I only will put products or resources that I absolutely stand behind and have used myself.



Child Safe Kit

Any family with children needs to have this! It’s a FREE, no cost to you, child safe kit. It includes cards to input your child’s data in case, god forbid, your child is lost. Having everything in one place during a crisis like this helps the police have everything they need to search for a child. Check to see if a FREE kit is available in your area by clicking on the link above.


OsmoSTEM toys have become very popular and for good reason! Here are the reasons why Osmo is amazing!

I love this STEM toy for children! It teaches your child math, coding, science, problem-solving, words, spelling, so much! Schools are using this in their classrooms to teach students and have rave reviews! Check out my full review on the educational toy here.




Free Preschool Games Online

ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse is a great, online, program for your kids to teach them skills they need for kindergarten. ABC Mouse has lessons for kids as young as 2 and goes all the way up to age 8! They offer a FREE 30-day trial to try it out! See if the lessons help your child if you aren’t happy with the results, you can cancel anytime! Otherwise, ABC Mouse offers a monthly subscription to their service online. They have a special offer happening right now for 38% off an annual membership!


 Little Passports

Little Passports is a monthly subscription service that delivers educational boxes to your children every month. It allows children to touch, see, and explore. The boxes range from science expeditions, world edition, early explorers, and USA edition. They offer boxes for children ranging from age 3 to age 12. Save $15 with any 12-month subscription!



I See Me!

I See Me sells personalized books and gifts for children. These make great gifts for children. My son is always excited to see his name places, so when he sees it in a coloring book or story book, it makes him giddy!




Perfect Slime Recipe

Steve Spangler Science

If you haven’t seen him on YouTube or The Ellen Show, Steve Spangler is a science guru! He’s the Bill Nye for our children’s generation! Steve Spangler Science offers subscription boxes for kids that are filled with amazing, entertaining, science experiments.

Thinkster Math

It’s been forever since I had math class! Looking at math problems now, I see them and think, “I know I knew how to do this at one point, but don’t remember how to do it anymore.” Here’s the help you want for your children! This is an exceptional math program for older children for help with math.



 Baby Products

lil sidekick

Lil Sidekick

Tired of playing the drop game with your little one? This is a great solution to the drop game! It holds almost anything and any shape and will secure to almost anything…car seat, stroller, high chair, baby carrier, anything! You’ll soon learn how you lived without it!




Gymboree Sale On Now!


Gymboree offers great deals on clothing and always have sales going with their clothing. I love dressing my children in Gymboree because it’s high-quality clothing! After your child outgrows the clothes, you can easily sell them at consignment sales for higher prices vs clothes that are cheaply made!


Get an extra 15% Off New Customer Orders at Gymboree


Crazy 8

Crazy 8 is a children’s clothing store ranging in sizes from 6 months to 14 in girls. They offer high-quality clothing at low prices. There’s always a sale happening so you never have to pay full price.


For Mom

Rent the Runway

I absolutely love Rent the Runway. I’ve used it a few times instead of buying a gown for my husband’s military balls. But they offer so much more than just formal ball gowns! It’s very simple to use! Rent it and send it back! Never worry about dry cleaning or the size not fitting because you get a FREE backup size! They offer real reviews from real people who leave details about the fit and pictures on how it looks on a non-model. If you have a work event, wedding to go to, weekend getaway, formal event, or just a night out that you want a designer outfit for, use this site!

They offer:

  • Formal wear
  • Casual wear
  • Plus size
  • Accessories



I love my Spanx! Hide any bulges under your clothes in casual clothing or formal wear. Don’t forget to use the coupon code to save some money on your purchase!