1. This is so cool! I definitely have to get one of these file boxes when my son gets older. Good idea for a nice keepsake box =)

  2. We just discovered the Keepy app and really like it. Thinking of going the digital keepsake only route to avoid the clutter. Very good post. I like all of your suggestions.

  3. Okay, so I absolutely need to do this. I’ve kept my sons artwork from preschool all year. And i refuse to throw any of it away! LOL! Fantastic idea!!

  4. My significant other is always trying to save everything from our 5 year old. Even, if the paper only has a scribble on it. I am going to check out this app!

  5. This is such an awesome idea. My mom kept EVERYTHING from when I was young and had it in backpacks in storage haha. But this will make things easier for me to keep my son’s things. I’m going to start now with our little arts and crafts haha.

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