8 Best Money Making Apps to earn a little extra money

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Want to make some extra money? There’s an app for that! Actually, there are multiple money making apps, but let’s focus on the best money making apps.

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Earlier this summer, my husband and I began a mission to make extra money because we wanted to save up for an Alaskan cruise for our 10 year wedding anniversary. We’ve already saved $300 in a matter of a month and a half from making money through websites with very little effort on our part!

Read about our extra money earning opportunities here.


We figured since we’re already on our phones, we’d add some extra income through the best money making apps and not just on the computer!

You will not make a lot of money with these apps! We’ve only ever made $0.20-$0.25 a day on average, but those amounts are adding up! We’re cashing in for gift cards to places we shop regularly. That way we don’t need to use our cash from our budget and have more money left over at the end of the month to pay down debt.

All of these apps I have on my phone. Although, some of the apps I use more than others.

Here are 8 of the best money making apps to earn a little extra money…

1. Perk Points

There are many money making apps with Perk Points to earn points that you can cash in for gift cards. Every 1,000 points is equal to $1.00 in gift cards (depending on where you want to cash in…PayPal requires more points per $1.00)

  • Perk-
    • This app allows you to earn points just for checking into different places around your city.
  • Perk Pop Quiz-
    • This app gives you a chance to earn points with the useless trivia knowledge you have acquired over the years. They offer many topics from TV, pop, geography, math, history, general…the list goes on!
  • Perk TV-
    • Earn points just from watching TV on your phone
  • Perk Scratch and Win-
    • It’s scratch offs on your phone and you can earn points or tokens just from playing.
  • Viggle-
    • Perk Points bought out the old Viggle TV so you can still earn points and cash it in for gift cards. Just check into your favorite TV shows at night and let it go. You’ll earn more the longer you keep it on.

You can find all of these apps in your app store by searching the title or you can go to Perk.com and find the apps available to earn Perk Points.


2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a website to earn points that you can cash in for gift cards later but you can also download their apps to earn some extra money on your phone, making it one of the best money making apps!

This is my go-to to earn extra money! I love Swagbucks and have already cashed in for $100 in PayPal gift cards and my husband has cashed in for $50. (I’ve made more purchases to earn extra points by shopping through them!)

Swagbucks offers different apps available from their local app so you can earn while shopping at local stores, or Swagbucks answer to answer survey questions, or their Swagbucks app to complete offers, shop online, or answer questions to earn extra. They do offer a Swagbucks TV to watch TV on your phone and earn extra points also for those who want to do that!

You can earn an additional $3 from signing up now and earning your first 300 points ($3).

Join Swagbucks!

3. Taps for Money

This is a game full of ads. If you can deal with the ads, you can earn some extra money! As the name entails, it is a bunch of tapping. From what I’ve read, the goal is to get to 1,000,000 taps to earn a prize (PayPal gift cards are available)

4. Ibotta

If you’re not using Ibotta for purchases, you should! I love Ibotta and you will too! This is easy money back on purchases you make everyday! You can earn on much more than only groceries also!

Use code jkc2g and earn an additional $10 in your account after you redeem your first rebate!

5. Ebates

Get the Ebates app on your phone and start earning money back with all your purchases! I don’t purchase anything online without going through Ebates, Swagbucks, or Ibotta first! Sometimes Ebates will have more of a rebate on purchases and sometimes Swagbucks will beat out!

If you ever purchase a hotel room, always go through Ebates or Swagbucks first! You’ll still be able to purchase the room through the same site you want to but you’ll earn an additional amount back with your stay!

6. Mobee

This app always you to earn points by completing shopping “missions” around your area.

You’ll be an “undercover” shopper answering short surveys/taking photos of product displays to earn points to cash in for gift cards.

7. Surveys on the Go

Surveys notifications pop up on your phone when you are near locations offering surveys for money. You earn $0.10 even when you are disqualified for the survey.

8. Checkout 51

This is another shopping app to have on your phone and browse to see if you can get any money back on items you are already planning on purchasing.

Honorable Mention…

  • Givling
    • This app offers trivia questions for people to answer for a chance to be a part of the top team and earn a little extra money.
    • What’s awesome about this app though is that it takes the money the app earns and pays off people’s student loans (up to $50,000) or if you don’t have any student loans, they’ll pay off $25,000 for a mortgage loan.
    • I haven’t earned any money but I know I’m helping the cause of paying off student loans! I’m also holding on to the hope that my number is drawn to pay off my student loans before I pay them off myself!


  • Use the shopping apps every time you shop! Always compare to see which site will give you the biggest rebate on your purchases!
  • Concentrate on earning points/cash on one app. I concentrate on earning points with Perk Points because I have found I enjoy doing their trivia app and scratch and win. I also check in on Viggle in the evening. I’d rather build up my earnings with one app than have little amounts with multiple apps.
  • If you are going to sign up for various sites, check to see if you can get bonus points by signing up through Swagbucks. I earned 3000 points ($30) just for signing up for Hulu through their site! I also earned 3200 points ($32) for booking our hotel on Priceline by clicking to Priceline from Swagbucks!

Final Thoughts…

You won’t get rich on these apps. These 8 apps have been the best money making apps I have found to earn a little extra money in gift cards. You won’t be sorry when you download these apps…you will be sorry if you don’t use them regularly! It’s fun to watch the little amounts grow and you’ll soon find yourself making monthly goals of how many points you want to get to!

Best money making apps for your phone. Make extra money with these apps. #moneymaking #makemoney #extraincome #makeextramoney