8 Amazing Tips to get Baby to Sleep Through the Night

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One dread all parents have when expecting a new child is the lack of sleep that is to come. Lack of sleep in guaranteed to happen the first few weeks, but it doesn’t have to be for months and months. Follow these tips to encourage your baby to sleep through the night.

Tips how to get baby to sleep through the night. 8 Simple hacks to encourage babies to sleep so you can get some sleep too! Products to help baby sleep, sleep training

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When I was pregnant with our oldest, I was dreading the lack of sleep that was to come. I read up on all the baby tips to be prepared for our newest addition. The tips I especially paid attention to was the tips to get a baby to sleep through the night. It seems to have been so long ago (almost 5 years), that I don’t remember when he started sleeping through the night, but it was earlier than I expected.

I became pregnant with our second when our son just turned 3 years old. He had given up naps by then and I knew I was no longer going to have the luxury of “sleeping when baby slept”.

I had to make sure our youngest would get the best sleep her little body could handle to ensure I got the best sleep I could get.

In come the 8 tips that have made sleeping a dream for baby and parents!

**Of course, all babies are different and there are many factors that may go into a baby sleeping through the night.**

These are the 8 tips to get your baby to sleep through the night…

1. Routine, Routine, Routine!

Babies are great with routine! At bed time, begin a routine with whatever is calming for your baby. We always start our routine after dinner. Here is an example of a sample routine to use with your baby:

  • Calming playtime (age appropriate, nothing stimulating or very exciting)
  • Bath time (depending on if it is bath night. If it is bath night, cut playtime down to add in the time needed for bath)
  • Get in pajamas
  • Read Books
  • Night bottle

2. As you’re getting dressed, make sure to use a night time diaper!

You will want to use a diaper that holds up through the night and keeps your baby comfortable to ensure your baby sleeps through the night.

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3. Do calming activities at night

  • Read a story
  • Baby massage
  • Bath time
  • Singing Lullabies

4. Use a noise machine

Use either one with music or one with white noise. With our son, we used a humidifier and we even got used to the noise, but with our daughter we were gifted a noise machine that has been really nice.

This noise machine projector  provides voice activation so when our daughter does make noise at night, it’ll automatically turn on for a set amount of time. It has worked perfectly for us!

5. Dream feed.

For our son, he would fall asleep by 7:30-8pm each night. We knew he needed a little more milk to make it through the night, so we dream fed him around 11pm each night before we went to sleep in hopes it would help keep him full throughout the night, and it worked!

We did the same thing with our daughter up until she was about 3.5-4 months old. She began sleeping through the night by 6 weeks old, but we continued dream feeding her for awhile past that time.

6. If the baby makes noise at night, don’t run to the room/bassinet to calm them. Let them fuss and learn how to self-soothe.

Now, I’m not saying if your baby is full out crying, I’m saying if they are making some noises and stirring around. Let your baby fuss around and stir until they comfort themselves.

I used to be so quick to calm our daughter back down because I was afraid she would completely wake herself up and then wake up our son (that never happened…it has actually always been our son crying for one reason or another and waking our youngest up!)

Once we moved our daughter to her crib in her room, I actually had to turn down the monitor because she was one to stir around and make noise, which would wake me up. The thing is, is that she never needed me. She is one who tosses and turns in her sleep and makes some noise. Once she learned how to self-soothe, and I turned the baby monitor down, we got some good sleep at night!

7. Make sure your baby knows the difference between night and day.

This is one thing I do from the very beginning as soon as my children came home from the hospital! I had them nap in the rooms without darkening anything. Also, I still would make noise during the day with normal, everyday activities while the baby was sleeping.

We had a routine in the morning to change out of pajamas. Nap time routine was different than bed time routine. And in the early months, our children slept downstairs in a rock and play during nap time, and upstairs in a bassinet at night.

8. Don’t talk to them at night and avoid lights and eye contact.

It is so tempting to talk to your little one while changing their diaper in the middle of the night, especially if it’s a messy one! But your voice stimulates them and they get excited to hear you.

I don’t know about you, but if my mind starts going and thinking about things if I wake up in the middle of the night, I have a hard time falling back asleep. It’s similar for a baby.

Just like you don’t want stimulating activities at night for your baby, avoid anything that may encourage stimulation in the middle of the night.

Final Thoughts…

Of course, all babies are different and some tips work better than others to get a baby to sleep through the night. These tips are simple to implement into bed time and will help your baby and yourself get a better nights sleep!

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Tips how to get baby to sleep through the night. 8 Simple hacks to encourage babies to sleep so you can get some sleep too! Products to help baby sleep, sleep training



  1. Mandy

    Good tips! My son was the worst sleeper in the history of babies! I needed to rock him to sleep and feed him at night a few times. We co-sleep for 9 months. I was googling the internet and I saw a lot of people talking good things about the HWL method from ebook “How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone” by Susan Urban ( http://www.parental-love.com ). I was tired and didn’t know what to do so I decided to try it. After a very short time, it was 3 or 4 days he started to fall asleep on his own in his crib without any rocking or cuddling. I was able to put him into his crib and leave – how awesome is that 🙂 We also got rid of night feedings. Every parent should read this ebook. Only a dozen or so pages and such great results!
    This guide is much more approachable and easy to digest than the books we have bought (who can read 300 page books when sleep-deprived and spending time with a sleep-deprived baby??)

    • Vanessa Sze

      This is great information! Thank you for sharing the ebook info! I know it gets difficult for parents if their children don’t sleep well!

    • Linda

      Hi everyone, I am so glad I saw Mandy saying about Urban’s guide! I have babygirl , she turned 6 months 3 days ago. She is very bad sleeper, I have tried everything before and finally this guide saved us! Great help! Big recommendation!

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