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A little about the blog…

Welcome to Simple Lists Simple Life where I strive to create content to help overwhelmed Moms with simple food, education tips, activities for children, and parenting advice.

My name is Vanessa and I’m one of those overwhelmed Moms at times.

I’ve spent so much time scouring Pinterest for ideas to use with my children. When I find a pin I love, I click on it and discover it has 15 steps with 5 special tools to use in order to perfect the project. I love but hate those pins!

This is a place where Moms can come get:

  • Simple education tips
  • Activities for children
  • Ways to make parenting a tiny bit easier
  • I will add in recipes every now and again that aren’t difficult to make (I enjoy baking/cooking but I’m not great at it…I can follow non-complicated recipes.)
  • If you are a Mom, like me, who wants to make money online, I provide articles for making part-time income online.


A little about myself…


I’m a mom of two little ones and have worked in the education setting for most of my adult life.

I have taught my oldest son at home for pre-k tasks. We continue to work on skills he needs as he grows older. I love to celebrate the holidays and make it special for my children, but like keeping things simple and inexpensive!

Before becoming a mom, I completed my bachelor’s in Child Psychology and masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

During my schooling, I focused on children’s development and behaviors.

I’ve worked in school settings all of my adult life, mostly in the special education field. Not only were we working on academics, but we were also working on building social and behavior skills needed to succeed.

My husband is in the military so we move every three years. We’ve been stationed in California, Minnesota, and Ohio so far and we’re only halfway through his 20 (planned) years.

Because of us moving so often, it makes it difficult to build a career with the education background I have. I turned to making money online in May 2015 to help provide extra income for our household.

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