1. Michelle

    So many variations on chocolate chip cookies! Nothing like any one of them fresh from the oven with a glass of milk! Sounds like the Buckeye peanut butter chocolate chip cookie recipe should be served at the Ohio state fair like Sweet Martha’s Cookies are at the Minnesota fair!

  2. I like it, this recipe is very easy to make and interesting. I will definitely share this article to my sister and she will surely appreciate it and might try it, most especially her kids.

  3. I’ve tried them with the pudding mix added but never graham crackers. Does it add an extra bit of crunch? Thanks for joining us at Family Joy Blog Linkup.

    • simplelistssimplelife@gmail.com

      I throw the graham crackers into my food processor so it gets it pretty fine! I’m sure if you do it by hand, there could be larger pieces in your cookies, but I’ve used a rolling pin with the graham crackers before and they never had chunks. The graham cracker cookies stay chewy and delicious! I highly recommend them!

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