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      The brown sugar kielbasa bites aren’t too sugary to be honest! It’s a nice glaze over them and are so simple!

  1. Oh dear, I would never even think about adding sugar to kielbasa:D But now I think it’s worth trying- that glaze could be really nice:D

  2. Queso dip is always a hit at parties! They buffalo chicken dip looks AMAZING though. I might have to do that for our next event.

  3. I always make a buffalo chicken dip but with mine, I also add a brick of cream cheese. And, in my smokies, I add a jar of grape jelly instead of the brown sugar. Probably all taste the same.

  4. Queso dip is my favorite appetizer to make for parties! I’m having one soon so I’ll have to try a few other suggestions here too!

  5. That brown sugar kielbasa would be a hit among my friends! These are great appetizers! I am going to have to use a few recipes at my next dinner party!

  6. I LOVE to entertain but I hate to food prep, so this is the ideal solution for me. I love the recipes and the quick prep overall. These work!

  7. Sondra Barker

    Yum, Queso dips are always a big hit! I’ve never thought about putting brown sugar on the sausage, I’ll have to try that thank you for the recipes.

  8. oooh, the chili’s queso dip looks so good. I haven’t tried the brown sugar kielbasa. I wonder how it tastes with the brown sugar being that it’s a salty type of meat.

  9. Elizabeth O.

    This is perfect when you have unexpected guests over and you don’t have much time to prepare snacks. These are all so easy to make! Thanks for the recipes!

  10. Great ideas for appetizers! Sometimes we’re too busy preparing the main course that we forget about the appetizers. It’s nice to learn easy recipes that you can prepare in minutes!

  11. Samantha

    These all looks delicious! I have made some of these but will have to try the others.

  12. Dana Vento

    These are amazing appetizers recipe! I’m going to try one of these, this coming weekend.

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