10 Must Have Baby Items that has to be on your Baby Registry

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There are thousands of baby items available for parents. It’s easy to go overboard on baby items. Here are 10 of the must have baby items that has to be on your shopping list.

10 must have baby items you want on your baby registry. Make life easier with these baby items. #babyregistry #musthave #babyitems #firsttimemom

To prepare for our first baby, we scoured the internet for must have lists. There was so many baby items available. I didn’t have the slightest clue which one was best and worth the money and which items weren’t worth purchasing.

Some of the items aren’t a necessity, but it makes life as a parent much easier. That’s how most baby items are today. We, as parents, don’t need anything more than diapers, a few clothes, and a safe place for baby to sleep. But one can argue, having these must have baby items, makes life much, much easier with a baby.

Make sure you add these 10 must have baby items to your baby registries right away, or create a new baby registry if you haven’t!

10 Must Have Baby Items to add to your registry

1. Ergo Baby Carrier

I love my Ergo Baby infant carrier. I had the original for my first child, and purchased the all-position 360 for my second, and was given the Omni 360 to review, which you can read about it here.

It is the easiest carrier to use and you’ll love the flexibility of it!

2. Laguna Tide Diaper Bag

This diaper bag is amazing. It’s a stylish backpack. You can read my full review of the bag here!


3. Baby Bum Brush

If you don’t have one, get one now!

This is a must have baby item on anybody’s list who uses diaper cream! This simple tool is amazing and you will love it! It keeps that cream off your hands and makes diaper changes, slightly easier (No toy or tool can tame a wiggling, independent little toddler during diaper changing time!)


4. Waterproof pads

These little pads are amazing! They make it much easier for diaper changes and are cheaper than buying multiple changing pad covers. I keep these pads in any of my “diaper changing stations” around the house and in our diaper bag.


5. Baby deedee

I won one of these in a contest and I love it! It’s for those cold winter nights to keep your baby nice and warm in their crib!

They have multiple sleepers and pajamas available through Amazon or their site. My daughter actually prefers her Baby Deedee to her Halo sleepsack since it’s so much softer.


6. Humidifier

I personally love the Vicks Humidifiers because you can use their Vicks vapor pad when your child is old enough during those bad cold seasons.

We actually have 2 humidifiers, one for each child’s bedroom since one child always seems to spread the germs to the other child.


7. Stroller

Depending on what your usage for a stroller is, depends on the type of stroller you will want to get.

If you are like our family and don’t go for runs with your child, you can likely skip the jogging stroller.

We actually have a double stroller that is a sit and stand since we have a 3.5 year age gap between our children. The long days out at the zoo requires the double stroller so our oldest has the option to sit for a bit on the stroller or walk on his own. It’s an easy access for him to quickly get in and out without needing to be strapped in.

We also have a light-weight umbrella stroller for those shorter walks when our oldest won’t need to sit at all.


8. Nose Frieda

This must have baby item may seem gross, and I thought that at first too, but it works amazingly!

It works much better than those little bulbs ever did for us!


9. Video Baby monitor

We had the Angel Care monitor for our first born which worked great for him. Our second child, we wished we had a video baby monitor for her because she’d sit in her room and talk and talk forever, or she would kick the side of her crib before falling asleep. When we would go in her room to check on her, she’d get stirred up and think we were there to take her out and she could skip her sleep!

It would have been nice to have the video monitor to see her without disturbing her in her room.


10. Pack and Play

Both our children’s first few months, they spent sleeping in our room. Instead of purchasing a bassinet, we purchased a pack and play with a bassinet attachment.

And since, our youngest has outgrown the bassinet, we are still able to use the pack and play for times we travel. Having a pack and play that offers the extras is great for families to get multiple uses out of the product.

I had read reviews when shopping around for a pack and play and discovered a lot of complaints of the bassinet attachments on pack and plays that we’re only half the top of the pack and play. I read that it would bend after the baby hit a certain weight even though it claimed the baby could stay in the bassinet for a longer amount of time.


Bonus item: Rock and play

These little sleepers are amazing for little ones! They’ve become more advanced since we bought one for our first born and we didn’t bother buying a new one for our second born. It didn’t have the vibrating option, which was just fine for our children.


Final Thoughts…

These must have baby items you need to put on your baby registries. What’s nice about all the registries, is that you receive a completion coupon at the end to purchase the items you didn’t receive.

So even those second and third time moms should make a baby registry even if you aren’t having a baby shower. And make sure you put your delivery date a few weeks before your actual due date so that you receive your completion coupons earlier!


10 must have baby items you want on your baby registry. Make life easier with these baby items. #babyregistry #musthave #babyitems #firsttimemom